Friday, February 27, 2009

playlist for february 27, 2009

The Shins - Caring Is Creepy
Talking Heads - Swamp
Vampire Weekend - Campus
Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane
The Klaxons - Golden Skans
Portishead - The Rip
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Saul Williams - List Of Demands (Reparations)
Dispatch - The General
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Death Cab For Cutie - Bixby Canyon Bridge
Nirvana - All Apologies
Modest Mouse - Invisible
Massive Attack - Karmacoma

"blog-warming party"

90.5fm, the only station that matters, broadcasting from the webster varsity radio club.
we'll be broadcasting from 4-5pm monday-friday.
our request line is 670-8039.
you can contact us via email at

we'll be updating this blog daily with our playlist in case you have questions about what we've played... also we'll be posting album and song reviews of new and important releases.

stay tuned!

...broadcasting live from the Webster Varsity Radio Club until 5pm

The Webster Varsity Radio Club broadcasts on the airwaves of The Only Station That Matters, 90.5fm, WBER Rochester.

We broadcast from 4-5pm Monday through Friday during the school year. We are student run and operated, with a faculty advisor. Our club is for Webster High School seniors only.

If you are interested in starting up a club like that at your Rochester-area school, contact