Friday, November 5, 2010

playlist for friday, november 5, 2010

we're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
friday cover bonanza!

    artist - title (original artist)
1. warpaint - ashes to ashes (david bowie)
2. ok go - wave of mutilation (pixies)
3. custom kings - boys of summer (don henley)
4. the flaming lips - nobody told me (john lennon)
5. jen cloher and jordie lane - electric feel (MGMT
6. toad the wet sprocket - rock and roll all night (KISS)
7. my morning jacket - tyrone (erykah badu)
8. stephen malkmus & the million dollar bashers - ballad of a thin man (bob dylan)
9. death cab for cutie - all is full of love (bjork)
10. kisschasy - alex chilton (the replacements)
11. damien rice - when doves cry/babe i'm gonna leave you (prince/led zeppelin)
12. the black keys - never gonna give you up (jerry butler)
13. ryan adams & the cardinals - down in a hole (alice in chains)
14. ben lee - float on (modest mouse)
15. pearl jam - baba o'reilly (the who)

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