Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tuesdays are the best days

1. best coast - boyfriend
2. the strokes - you talk way too much
3. washed out - far away
4. weezer - why bother?
5. pj harvey - all and everyone
6. magoo - superteen scene
7. soundgarden - black rain
8. spoon - don't make me a target
9. the matches - if i were you
10. the black keys - next girl
11. the mountain goats - no children
12. the smiths- you've got everything now
13. the subways - rock and roll queen
14. dios malos - you got me all wrong
15. my chemical romance - headfirst for halos
16. the innocence mission - happy birthday
17. the avett brothers - talk on indolence

tron kitty + aye jay ~

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