Wednesday, November 6, 2013


1.The Gay Nineties- Coming Together (4:20)
2. The Parlor Mob- Fall Back (3:10)
3.JJAMZ- Heartbeat (3:49)
4: Husky- History's Door (3:52)

5. Patrick Lanzetta- Looking For Your Castle (3:50)
6. The Almost- Say This Sooner (3:14)
7. The Vaccines- Somebody Else's Child (3:00)
8. Shawn James- The Wanderer (2:08)

9. Weezer- Surf Wax America (3:06)
10. Foster The People- Houdini (3:23)
11. The Strokes- Last Night (3:17)
12. Toh Kay- Watch it Crash (3:38)

13. twenty one pilots- Car Radio (4:27)
14. Violent Femmes- Kiss Off (2:56)
15. Gorillaz- El Manana (3:50)
16. They Might Be Giants- Doctor Worm (3:02)

17. Cage the Elephant- Right Before My Eyes (3:14)

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