Wednesday, December 11, 2013

much radio very music WOW

1) General fiasco- Gold Chains (2:46)
2) Bright eyes- At the Bottom of Everything (4:34)
3) Bon Iver- Beach Baby (2:40)
4) Jake bugg- Lightning Bolt (2:23)
5) Daughter- Landfill (4:23)
6) The Vaccines- All In White (4:33)
7) Grouplove- Colours (4:17)
8) Rosi Golan- Been a Long Day (3:15)
9) Blur- Song 2 (2:01)
10) Presidents of the United States of America- Lump (2:14)
11) The Gaslight Anthem- High Lonesome (3:09)
12) Toh Kay- The Hands That Thieve (4:54)
13) Weezer- Say it Ain't So (4:18)
14) The Raconteurs- Intimate Secretary (3:30)
15) Radiohead- Idioteque (5:09)
16) The Strokes- Trying Your Luck (3:27)

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