Friday, February 28, 2014

JamMasterBAY x Y2K

1) Cake- Commissioning a Symphony in C (2:59)
2) Saint Motel- Puzzle Pieces (3:50)
3) Julian Casablancas- I'll Try Anything Once (3:16)
4) The Magic Numbers- Take a Chance (3:33)
5) Arctic Monkeys- Knee Socks (4:17)
6) Audacity- Subway Girl (2:25)
7) twenty one pilots- Be Concerned (4:08)
8) Jack White- Sixteen Saltines (2:37)
9) Elderbrook- Going (3:06)
10) The Burning Hotels- Out and Alone (3:03)
11) Miniature Tigers- Cannibal Queen (2:50)
12) Stillwater Giants- Give It To Me (3:39)
13) Hot Snakes- This Mystic Decade (3:38)
14) Less Than Jake- History of a Boring Town (3:22)
15) Gorillaz (Ft. Little Dragon)- To Binge (3:55)
16) Cage The Elephant- Cigarette Daydreams (3:28)
17) Joy Division- Shadowplay (3:55)

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