Monday, March 31, 2014

Its Too Hot for a Sweater.

1) Catch 22- Riding the Fourth Wave- (1:50)
2) Streetlight Manifesto- With Any Sort of Certainty- (6:11)
3) Ramones- Pet Sematary- 3:33)
4) Weezer- Undone- 5:06)
5) Melvins- Revolve (4:44)
6) Reel Big Fish - Trendy (2:23)
7) Misfits- Hybrid Moments (1:43)
8) Nirvana- Breed (3:03)
9) Suburban Legends- Under the Sea- (3:15)
10) The Clash- I Fought the Law- (2:40)
11) Cake- Comfort Eagle- (3:40)
12) Andrew Jackson Jihad- People (2:18)
13) Choking Victim- Money (3:32)
14) Slightly Stoopid- Hold On to the One (3:46)
15) Suicidal Tendencies- Go Skate (Possessed To Skate '97) (2:43)
16) Stabbing Westward- Shame (4:54)
17) OFF!- Wiped Out- (1:13)

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