Monday, March 24, 2014

The Masters.

1) Sleep- The Druid (4:51)
2) Nine Inch Nails- Head like a Hole (5:02)
3) Rollins Band- Liar (6:37)
4) Bob Marley + The Wailers- One Love (2:48)
5) Catch 22- Walking Away (4:08)
6) Ghost Mice- Song for Tomorrow
7) Mad Caddies- Without You (4:08)
8) Ramones- I Wanna Be Sedated (2:29)
9) The Shrine- Wasted Prayer (4:22)
10) George Clinton- Atomic Dog (3:48)
11) Bad Brains- Banned in D.C. (2:12)
12) Kyuss- Allen's Wrench (2:44)
13) Reel Big Fish- Sell Out (3:47)
14) Suburban Legends- You've Got a Friend In Me (1:52)
15) Agent Orange- Bloodstains (2:06)
16) Streetlight Manifesto- Would You Be Impressed (3:32)
17) Rancid- Old Friend (2:53)
18) Germs- Lexicon Devil (2:06)
19) Melvins- June Bug (2:05)

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