Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The CD Player Fiasco

1) The Smiles- Swimming (2:33)
2) Two Door Cinema Club- What You Know (3:09)
3) She and Him- Why do you Let Me Stay Here (2:28)
4) Little Joy- How to Hang a Warhol (2:09)
5) Jack Johnson- Mudfootball (3:27)
6) Cold War Kids- Hang Me up to Dry (3:39)
7) Andrew Jed- Best of Friends (3:08)
8) The Demos- See You Again (3:03)
9) The Black Keys- Tighten Up (3:33)
10) Delta Rae- Surrounded (4:52)
11) Dispatch- Two Coins (3:07)
12) Florence & The Machine- Heartlines (5:03)
13) fun.- Light a Roman Candle With Me (3:09)
14) Justice- Genesis (3:57)
15) Passion Pit- The Reeling (4:48)
16) Willy Moon- Railroad Track (2:26)

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