Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A-Pears and DJ fitz couldn't make it!!

1) The Black Keys- Fever (4:06)
2) Nirvana- Breed (3:03)
3) Tristam & Rogue- One (3:39)
4) Joy Division- Shadowplay (3:55)

5) Streetlight Manifesto- Supernothing (2:50)
6) RMS Olympic- Ongoing Trainwreck Aside (1:16)
7) Wavves- King Of The Beach (2:38)
8) Operation Ivy- The Crowd (2:11)

9) The Avett Brothers- February Seven (4:15)
10) Flying Lotus (feat. Thom Yorke)- And The World Laughs With You (2:54 )
11) A Tribe Called Quest- Luck of Lucien (4:33)
12) Modest Mouse- People As Places As People (3:42)

13) Kram- Good Love (2:39)
14) The Killers- Under The Gun (2:33)
15) M83- Midnight City (4:00)
16) They Might Be Giants- Doctor Worm (3:02)

17) twenty one pilots- Fall Away (3:02)
18) Rancid- The Wars End (1:53)
19) Rise Against- Give It All (2:51)
20) Weezer- Say it Ain't So (4:20)
21) Drowners- Luv, Hold Me Down (2:51)

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