Thursday, January 15, 2015

beauty chaos: quite the namesake playlist, yes.

1. panic! at the disco - introduction
2. arctic monkeys - arabella
3. the smiths - william, it was really nothing
4.  hozier - jackie and wilson
5. bon iver - for emma
6. the ghost of a saber tooth tiger - xanadu
7. vance joy - emmylou
8. red hot chili peppers - even you, brutus?
9. interpol - leif erikson
10. benjamin gibbard - lily
11. astronauts wanted - adrenna lynn
12. vampire weekend - diane young
13. yellowcard - madrid
14. weezer - my name is jonas
15. the bravery - angelina
16. dna - tom's diner 
17. a waste odyssey - marisa
18. green day - whatsername

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